Dual 34-Inch Monitor Mount

Want to maximize your efficiency while working on multiple projects at once? Look no further than the dual 34-inch monitor mount!

This setup allows you to add two monitors side-by-side, giving you more space to work with and reducing the time it takes to switch between tasks.

Read this article to learn how to set up and utilize a dual 34-inch monitor mount in your workspace.

Dual 34-inch monitor mounts

A dual 34-inch monitor mount is a specialized mount that allows you to secure two 34-inch monitors side-by-side.

This is ideal for workers who need to reference multiple screens at once or gamers who want an immersive experience.

The mount secures the monitors using VESA mounts, which are standard on most monitors nowadays.

Many dual monitor mounts also allow you to adjust the angle and height of the monitors, so you can position them exactly how you like.

Why should you buy a Dual Monitor Mount?

There are plenty of reasons to buy a dual monitor mount. For one, it can help increase your productivity by allowing you to have two screens side by side.

This can come in handy for work tasks that require referencing multiple sources at once or for keeping an eye on different programs simultaneously.

Another reason to purchase a dual monitor mount is for ergonomic purposes. If you constantly look down at your laptop screen, a dual monitor mount can help raise your monitors to eye level, preventing neck strain. Additionally, many mounts offer adjustability features so you can customize the position of your monitors to best suit your needs.

Finally, dual monitor mounts can simply help free up desk space. If you have a small working area, mounting your monitors can give you much-needed room to spread out and organize your workspace. Plus, it just looks cool to have floating monitors!

What is the best Dual Monitor Mount for gamers?

There are a lot of different dual monitor mounts on the market these days. So, which one is the best for gamers?

Well, that depends on what you need and want from your mount. Some gamers prefer a highly adjustable mount, so they can change the position of their monitors to suit their gaming style.

Others prefer a sturdy mount that won’t move around too much, even during intense gaming sessions.

And then some want a bit of both – an adjustable and sturdy mount.

Fortunately, there are plenty of great options for gamers who want a quality dual monitor mount.

One option is the VIVO Dual LCD Monitor Desk Mount Stand (model STAND-V002), which offers a high degree of adjustability and a solid base that Keeps your monitors secure.

Another great option is the Waleah Monitor Stand (model 100-MS001), which features an innovative design that allows you to easily adjust your monitors to the perfect position.

Whichever type of dual monitor mount you decide on, make sure it has good reviews and will meet your specific needs and gaming requirements.

Why are 34-inch dual monitor mount desks better than single monitors?

Regarding productivity, few things can beat a 34-inch dual monitor mount desk.

Having two monitors side-by-side gives you much more space to work with and can help increase your efficiency by a significant margin.

There are several reasons why 34-inch dual monitor mount desks are better than single monitors.

First, as mentioned before, you have much more space to work with when you have two monitors side-by-side.

This can be extremely helpful if you need to have multiple programs open simultaneously or if you simply want more room to spread out your work.

Another reason why 34-inch dual monitor mount desks are better is that they can help reduce eye strain.

When looking at a single monitor, your eyes must constantly adjust to the different distances between the screen and your eyes.

This can lead to eye fatigue and, eventually, headaches. However, when you have two monitors side-by-side, your eyes don’t have to adjust as much, which can help reduce eye strain significantly.

Finally, 34-inch dual monitor mount desks look nicer than single monitors.

Having two sleek monitors side-by-side on a desk looks much more impressive than having just one monitor, and it can give your workspace a more professional appearance.

34-inch Dual monitor mount benefits

A dual monitor setup can be a great option if you’re looking for a way to boost your productivity and efficiency at work.

And if you’re looking for a dual monitor mount that can accommodate two 34″ monitors.

34-inch” dual monitor mount is designed to provide optimal viewing angles and ergonomic placement of your monitors, so you can stay comfortable and focused on your work.

Plus, the built-in cable management system keeps your desk tidy and organized.

Here are just some of the benefits of using our 34″ dual monitor mount:

  •  You’ll have more room on your desk for other important items like your keyboard, mouse, and paperwork.
  •  You can customize your monitors’ height, depth, and angle to find the perfect setting for your needs.
  • The cable management system helps reduce clutter and keeps cords out of the way.
  •  The sturdy construction ensures that your monitors will be safe and secure.

The Process of Installing the Dual 34 Inch, Monitor Mount:

Assuming you have all the hardware and software required for a successful installation, installing the Dual 34 Inch Monitor Mount is rather simple. Here are the basic steps:

1. Begin by screwing the baseplate into the back of your monitor using the provided screws. Be sure to use the appropriate screws for your monitor model.

2. Once the baseplate is securely placed, slide the VESA mount arms onto the baseplate. Ensure the arms are properly aligned with the holes on the baseplate.

3. Use the included screws to secure the VESA mount arms to the baseplate. Again, be sure to use the appropriate screws for your monitor model.

4. finally, attach your monitors to the VESA mount arms using the included monitor mounting hardware

How to Choose the Right Mount for You?

There are a lot of different factors to consider when choosing the right mount for you. The first thing you need to think about is what type of riding you will be doing.

If you are going to be doing a lot of off-road riding, then you will need a different mount than if you are mostly going to be riding on paved roads. Another factor to consider is the size of the mount.

You don’t want to choose a mount that is too small or too large for you. It should be just the right size so that you are comfortable riding it.

Also, consider the weight of the mount and how easy it is to maneuver.

You don’t want something too heavy and difficult to control. Lastly, think about what features you want on your mount.

Do you want something with a lot of storage space? Or do you prefer something lightweight and fast?

Consider all of these factors before making your final decision, so you end up with the perfect mount.

Types of the dual monitor mount:

There are various types of dual monitor mounts available in the market. Some of the most popular ones include:

1. Freestanding mount:

This mount is ideal for those who want to have a bit more flexibility with their setup. It doesn’t require drilling or permanent installation, making it perfect for temporary setups or those who move their monitors around often.

2. Desk-mounted mount:

This type of mount attaches to the side of your desk, freeing up valuable desk space. It’s perfect for those who want a permanent solution for their dual monitor setup.

3. Wall-mounted mount:

This is the perfect solution for those who want to save even more space on their desk. Wall-mounted mounts can be easily installed and offer a sleek and professional look.

How to take care of dual monitor mount?

You’ve got a dual monitor mount, congratulations! You’re on your way to a much more productive and ergonomic workstation.

But taking care of your new setup isn’t just a one-time job. You’ll need to perform regular maintenance to keep your monitors in good condition.

Here are a few tips on how to take care of your dual monitor mount:

  •  Check the mount for loose screws or bolts regularly. Over time, these can come loose and cause problems.
  •  Wipe down the monitors and the mount with a soft, dry cloth regularly. This will help remove any dust or debris damaging the monitors or interfering with their performance.
  •  Be careful when handling the monitors. Don’t apply too much pressure, as this could crack the screen. And be sure to use caution when attaching or removing any cables, as the improper connection can damage the port.

By following these simple tips, you can help ensure that your dual monitor mount remains in good condition for years to come.

What comes in the box?

So, you’re thinking about getting a new monitor mount for your dual monitors and wondering what comes in the box.

Well, wonder no more!

Here’s a comprehensive list of everything that comes with the 34-inch dual monitor mount:

The actual amount, of course! This is made of high-quality aluminum and is designed to support two monitors weighing up to 17.6 pounds each.

All the necessary screws and bolts for attaching the mount to your desk (or any other flat surface).

An instruction manual, just in case you need a little help putting it all together.

And that’s it! Once you have the mount installed, you’ll be able to adjust both monitors independently, giving you optimal viewing angles and ergonomics.

So why wait? Get your hands on this must-have accessory for any dual monitor setup today!

Is the dual monitor mount worth it?

If you want to add a second monitor to your workstation, you might wonder if it’s worth investing in a dual monitor mount.

The answer depends on a few factors, including how much desk space you have and how often you’ll be using both monitors simultaneously.

Generally speaking, a dual monitor mount can be a worthwhile investment if you plan on using both monitors regularly and don’t mind sacrificing a bit of desk space.

However, suppose you only need to occasionally use a second monitor or don’t have much room on your desk, to begin with. In that case, you might be better off just placing your second monitor on a stand or flat surface.


Do you lose performance with dual monitors?

Most people don’t realize that having multiple monitors can decrease your productivity. This is because your brain has to juggle between two different screens, which can be quite confusing and distracting.

In addition, your eyes also have to adjust to the different screen sizes, which can lead to eye strain.

While there are some benefits to using multiple monitors, such as seeing more information at once, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons before making a decision.

You may find that dual monitors decrease your productivity if you’re not careful.

Is this mount compatible with all monitors?

This 34-inch mount is compatible with all monitors with VESA 100x100mm or VESA 75x75mm hole patterns.

The mount has an adjustable tilt of +15°/-5° and a swivel of +/-90°, providing you with the perfect viewing angle.

Additionally, it features a 360° rotation, so you can easily switch between portrait and landscape modes. It also has a built-in cable management system to keep your desk tidy and organized.

Are all monitor mounting screws the same?

No, all monitors do not use the same screws. Many different types of screws can be used to mount a monitor.

The most common type of screw is the Phillips head screw, but there are also flat head screws, hex head screws, and Torx head screws.

Each type of screw has its advantages and disadvantages, so it is important to choose the right type of screw for your particular application.

Are monitor arm mounts universal?

Are monitor arm mounts universal? This is a question that is often asked by consumers who are looking to purchase a new mount for their computer monitor.

The answer, unfortunately, is not a simple one. While some mounts are designed to be compatible with multiple types of monitors, many are specific to certain models or brands. As such, it is important to research before purchasing a new mount to ensure that it will be compatible with your monitor.


With a 34-inch dual monitor mount, you can enjoy the added convenience of having two monitors without taking up too much space.

The best part is that these mounts are usually adjustable to accommodate different monitor sizes and configurations.

With just one product, you can experience maximum productivity with a clutter-free workspace, saving time and boosting morale and overall work efficiency.

Investing in an ergonomic dual monitor mount will surely be worth every penny spent for gaming or professional use.

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